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Training Division

Recognizing that the image and perception of the Bureau rests on each employee, TBI emphasizes the continuing and latest training and professionalism of all employees.  Therefore, the mission of the Training Division is to provide oversight, guidance, and inspire through excellence in training and research.  The Training Division is headed by an Assistant Director with the assistance of a Special Agent in Charge and staff who are responsible for ensuring that Bureau personnel receive the training they require to perform their duties safely and effectively.  The Division’s staff also coordinates the design, development, revision, and implementation of training programs and lesson plans. 

In addition, the Training Division conducts classes for more than 8,500 members of Tennessee law enforcement.  This includes a wide range of topics including Fingerprinting, Child Sex Abuse, Prescription Fraud, Death Investigations and Methamphetamine 101.  The Division also spearheads the TBI basic criminal investigation school which is attended by all special agents as well as members of the Tennessee Department of Correction, Tennessee Department of Safety, Tennessee Bomb and Arson, Tennessee Department of Revenue, and District Attorneys General.

The Training Division also coordinates TBI instructors for the City and County criminal investigation school held at the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy and provides current law enforcement officers with the TBI State Academy which is a six week professional and prestigious training program in conjunction with Cumberland University and Tennessee State University. The Division is responsible for oversight of TBI’s Citizens’ Academy, which provides Tennessee residents a magnified view of the Bureau’s mission and daily work. 

The Division works closely with the Human Resource Unit with providing support in recruitment efforts as well as hosting career fairs that inspire diversity. With the aid of the Human Resource Unit and Professional Standards Unit, the Training Division ensures all TBI management, staff, sub-recipients, contractors, and service beneficiaries meet the provisions of Title VI and IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the minimum requirements to be in compliance with its rules, laws, and regulations. Training Division personnel also coordinates and gives tours of TBI Headquarters as requested.  

TBI State Academy
September 21-October 29, 2015

The TBI State Academy was created as a professional and prestigious training ground for Tennessee law enforcement officers who long for the opportunity to expand their education and training in the criminal justice field.  The TBI State Academy was developed with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation's origin, tradition, and mission in mind and is geared toward advancing techniques, science and strategy for the law enforcement community.  It is a five day a week commitment for six weeks and includes leadership courses, constitutional law, communications intelligence, financial investigations, and undercover investigations.  Attendees must have a minimum of five years experience as a full-time commissioned officer of a Tennessee law enforcement agency.

Visit TBI's YouTube Channel to watch a video about the TBI State Academy

Click here for the State Academy Application and Nomination Form.


TBI Citizens' Academy

The TBI Citizens' Academy was designed to develop a better understanding and awareness in the community of the TBI through a hands on approach. The four week academy is held in May of each year. It offers local citizens a peek at the TBI's work, ranging from its investigations of homicides, crime scenes, and cyber crime, to the Fusion Center with tracking terrorism information and criminal activity related to Tennessee. Citizens applying for the academy must meet the minimum qualifications to be considered for selection.

Due to classroom size the academy will be limited to 25 individuals per session. You can visit the TBI Citizens' Academy Facebook page here.

TBI Citizens' Academy application

TBI Leadership Academy
September 14-25, 2015

The TBI Leadership Academy was created to enhance leadership training for Tennessee law enforcement executives.  The two week academy will feature world renowned speakers, providing a very unique training opportunity in the State of Tennessee for senior management in law enforcement agencies.  Following the tradition of TBI to provide quality resources to Tennessee law enforcement, the academy is offered at no cost to participants, to include meals and lodging. Applicants must have at least five years law enforcement experience, at least three years of supervisory experience, be of excellent character and enjoy a reputation of professional integrity. 2014 speakers will include Dr. Larry Barton, Dr. Henry Lee, Kevin Gilmartin, Dr. Macel Ely, and Dr. Jack Enter.  Applications for 2014 TBI Leadership Academy will be accepted through June 30, 2015. Applications are accepted year round. Selections are made every March. 

Click here for the Leadership Academy Application and Nomination Form.


Volunteer Internship Program
The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) Volunteer Internship Program is an unpaid internship opportunity for full-time students that are interested in a criminal justice or forensic career and are pursuing an undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate degree from an accredited college or university. The program provides an exciting insider's view of TBI operations and gives the student a chance to explore career opportunities within the Bureau.

The Volunteer Internship Program, which is administered by the TBI Training Division, provides students the opportunity to work at TBI headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, as well as TBI field office locations whenever possible.

Click here for Volunteer Internship Application

The deadlines for Applications for the Volunteer Internship Program are as follows:

Spring-November 1st
Summer-February 1st
Fall-June 1st

TBI Criminal Justice Academy

The TBI Criminal Justice Academy is a one week academy for college students.  Students will experience hours of hands-on crime scene and professional development training.  This academy focuses on career development for college students interested in the forensic and criminal investigation fields.  Students are housed and meals provided at no cost.  Applications are taken continuously with selections made every April. 

Click here for TBI Criminal Justice Academy

Firearms Program
TBI’s Firearms Program is housed within the Training Division.  The program ensures that commissioned agents are trained to shoot all Bureau issued weapons in a safe and effective manner.  In order to maintain a successful program the Bureau relies on its retired TBI agents as a supportive resource for TBI firearm instructors across the state.

Uniformed Officer Unit
The Uniformed Officer Unit is also encompassed within the Training Division and is comprised of 11 commissioned uniformed law enforcement officers who are cross-trained as certified emergency medical technicians capable of providing aid and comfort to sick and injured persons on Bureau properties until additional medical help and emergency transportation arrives.  The unit’s primary role, however, is to provide security to TBI facilities, specifically the Nashville Consolidated Headquarters Facility.  Occasionally, officers will provide support to agents in the field with searches or arrest round-ups of wanted criminals. 

Chaplain Program   
The TBI Chaplain Program is also housed within the Training Division.  The program is a volunteer non-sworn position to support the mission of the TBI in providing a source of strength to law enforcement officers and their families, other department members, and the community.  The program will support employees in the handling of crisis situations, comfort victims and their families when accidents occur and criminal incidents are committed, and provide counseling and other ministerial functions that may be needed.