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Tennessee Crime Statistics

CJIS Support Center
Crime Statistics Information

As a result of organizational changes within the Information Systems Division in 2013, the newly formed CJIS Support Center combined the functions of three, previously separate, units under one section. Under this central umbrella exists three teams: Tennessee Information Enforcement System (TIES) Operations, Audit, Compliance, & Training Team (ACTT), and the Data, Analysis, & Reporting Team (DART). Together the aforementioned teams support the overall mission of law enforcement agencies with TIES, NCIC and TIBRS across the state. This transformation allowed for the integration of programs and functions to best service the needs of all Tennessee law enforcement agencies.

One main function of the CJIS Support Center is its operation of the state’s Statistical Analysis Center (SAC). One of the projects conducted by the SAC was the implementation of the Tennessee Incident Based Reporting System (TIBRS). The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation received a grant in 1995 which allowed the agency to implement a mechanism to collect crime statistics information under the TIBRS program. As a part of this system, all law enforcement agencies in the state are required to report their crime statistics to the TBI for publication in the annual Crime in Tennessee report as well as other annual and specialized reports. Functioning as the state’s Statistical Analysis Center, the CJIS Support Center is responsible for compiling, analyzing, and disseminating those criminal justice statistics in Tennessee