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2014 Legislative Updates

PC 722-Adds patronizing prostitution if the victim is a minor to the Sex Offender Registry.

PC 729-Adds observation without consent upon a third or subsequent conviction to the Sex Offender Registry.

PC 744-Clarifies that pre-1989 attempts are required to register and that certain offenders must remain on the Registry for at least five years before they may apply for removal.

PC 751-Allows local governments to vote to establish a community notification system for sex offenders and charge a fee of $50 to the offender.

PC 770-Creates a new class of sex offender called an “offender against children”. 
Requires this class of offender to remain on the Registry for life.  Adds aggravated sexual battery to the Juvenile Registry.

PC 992-Makes all of the requirements of 40-39-211(a) as to living, working or treatment restrictions applicable to all offenders, not just offenders whose victims are minors, but exempts offenders whose victims are adults from the treatment restriction.