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Information Systems Division

CJIS Support Center
Tennessee Information Enforcement System

The CJIS Support Center (CSC) is responsible for providing criminal justice and law enforcement agencies within Tennessee access to the Tennessee Criminal History Repository and NCIC.  This is communicated using the Tennessee Information Enforcement System (TIES) network.  The TIES, located at TBI Headquarters in Nashville, is a statewide communications network created to facilitate the exchange of information regarding crimes, criminals and criminal activity.  TIES provides a dedicated, high‑speed message switching function for all city, county, state and federal law enforcement and criminal justice agencies in Tennessee. The TIES maintains computer interfaces to several key information systems on the state and national level, including the following:

CSC personnel also conduct triennial audits, provide relative training and technical assistance for more than 350 law enforcement and criminal justice agencies currently comprising the TIES network. Currently, there are more than 8,000 terminals, mobile units, and hand-held devices in the state accessing the TIES network.

TIES Operations Center
The TIES Operations Center is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  TIES Operations’ personnel are responsible for providing technical support for local, state and federal agencies with connectivity to the TIES network, as well as, monitoring the performance of the TIES network.  They also provide system maintenance and backup functions of computer information systems housed at the Tennessee Crime Information Center (TCIC) and assume the emergency communications responsibilities within the TBI after hours and on weekends.