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Forensic Services Division

Forensic Laboratory Accreditation

The TBI’s Forensic Services Division has achieved re-accreditation through the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB) after first receiving accreditation in December 1994. One objective of TBI in obtaining accreditation of its crime laboratories was to offer to the citizens of Tennessee and the users of TBI’s laboratory services a form of proof that the TBI’s forensic laboratories meet established national standards.

The ASCLD Laboratory Accreditation program is a voluntary program in which any crime laboratory may participate to demonstrate that its management, operations, personnel, procedures, equipment, physical plant, security and personnel safety procedures meet certain national standards. Accreditation is part of a laboratory’s quality assurance program which, when combined with proficiency testing, continuing education, and other efforts, helps TBI’s crime laboratories to provide better overall service to Tennessee’s law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system.