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Firearm Purchase Background Checks

TICS Related Phone Numbers and Addresses

TBI TICS Unit (Nashville)
Appeal of Denial of Attempted Firearm Transfer form fax to 615.744.4660

TICS unit manager-615.744.4620

TBI’s Fiscal Services Unitt
615.744.4142 (primary)
All invoice payments should be sent to:
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
ATTN: Fiscal Services Unit
901 R.S. Gass Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37216-2639

Tennessee Department of safety Handgun Carry Permit Office
615.251.8590 (voice) 615.532.3056 (fax)

ATF Federal Firearms Licensing Center Operations (Martinsburg, WV)
304.616.4621 (Primary)
304.616.4626 (Secondary)

ATF Forms and Publications Distribution Center (Springfield, VA)
(For form 4473 and other ATF forms)
301.583.4696 (voice)
301.583.4661 (fax)

ATF Industry Operations (Nashville)

ATF Going-Out-of Business Center (Martinsburg, WV)
800.788.7133 (voice)
800.578.7223 (fax