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TBI Special Agent Criminal Investigator

Minimum Qualifications:

Examination Method: Computer Administered Test 70%, Experience and Education 30%

Responsibilities: TBI Special Agents are sworn law enforcement officers with the authority to investigate and enforce state and federal criminal laws. Special Agents conduct criminal investigations including, but not limited to, violent crime, drug violations, conspiracies and organized crime. Agents must be able to interview individuals, seize property, handle evidence, attain information contained in computer databases and arrest suspects. Thoroughly documenting work activities as part of a case file and gathering evidence to be used by a state or federal prosecutor is of the upmost importance. Testifying before grand juries, judges and jurors and handling records or evidence in a criminal case is expected. Special Agents audit financial records to determine if fraudulent activity is occurring. Agents may be selected to take part in special investigations including marijuana eradication, meth lab eradication, polygraph testing administration and/or aerial surveillance.

*After a successful completion of a two-year training period, all Special Agents will be promoted to the next higher class. Inadequate or marginal performance during the training period will result in demotion or termination.