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Forensic Technician

Minimum Qualifications:

Examination Method: Education and Experience, 100% for Career Service positions

Responsibilities: Forensic Technicians in the crime laboratory evidence receiving unit receive, process or track evidence including firearms, controlled substances or biological specimens. Forensic Technicians maintain security of evidence in a vaulted area and determine when all requested tests are complete and distribute laboratory test results. They establish and maintain personal contact with criminal justice officials, law enforcement officers and TBI management and investigative staff. Forensic Technicians in evidence analysis prepare evidence for analysis, assist forensic scientists in toxicology, latent fingerprints, serology, DNA testing and ballistics. Forensic Technicians on the Violent Crime Response Teams represent one of the four disciplines, latent prints, firearms, DNA or microanalysis. On site, they collect and preserve evidence found at crime scenes for analysis later in the crime laboratory. Forensic Technicians document crime scenes, produce a narrative of activities, gather detailed video or photographs of crime scenes and measure and diagrams crime scene area.