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TBI’s Human Resources Unit

The TBI currently employs nearly 500 people who are assigned across the state.  Almost 300 are commissioned positions, and the remaining are non-commissioned.  The Human Resources Unit assists the agency in the recruitment and hiring of employees, administers insurance and benefits information and manages payroll.

Applying for a Job at TBI

In order to be considered for a job, you must apply through the Department of Human Resources. The application process begins on the current page of "Job Opportunities." This can be submitted online. To be considered for any job, you must apply when the job classification appears on the "Job Opportunities" list. Most TBI job classifications will appear on the list approximately once per year. We suggest that applicants monitor the "Job Opportunities" list weekly.

Once you have successfully applied for a job classification, the Department of Human Resources will rate your application based on how well you meet the specified qualifications for the position. The score you receive from the Department of Human Resources will place you on the civil service register for the position. If your score is competitive for the job classification and location, you will receive an invitation to interview when we fill a vacancy. Potential candidates MUST be on the state employment registry in order to qualify for a position.

Hiring Process

Applications will be evaluated to determine whether or not a candidate meets the minimum qualifications required. If a job requires a written test, the applicant will be sent testing instructions. Please be advised that the waiting time for application evaluation results under normal conditions is several weeks. Before applying for any job, candidates should review minimum qualifications, salary rates and other available information about the job to be sure that the appropriate position is selected based on the applicant’s background and interests.

The state works on what would best be described as a job pool principle. Each state department selects from a pool of qualified applicants for jobs as jobs become available. The application process places applicants in the appropriate pool, called a register, for each position applied for. So instead of waiting for a job opening, this system allows job seekers to be placed on registers ahead of time. It is very important applications are detailed and accurate to ensure the employer can best match an applicant for a state job.

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