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Criminal Investigation Division

Technical Services Unit

In 2004, the Technical Services Unit (TSU) was formed within the Criminal Investigation Division and began being responsible for developing and utilizing technology in support of TBI's investigative and homeland security responsibilities.  In 2008, the unit received original jurisdiction to investigate cyber crimes related to children. TSU operates with a Special Agent in Charge, an Assistant Special Agent in Charge, 11 Special Agents, and a Law Enforcement Information Coordinator.

In 2007, the TSU stood up a Joint Cyber-Crime Task Force with the FBI housed at TBI Headquarters in Nashville, and formed an Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force for Tennessee. These task forces are up and running, with four TSU Special Agents assigned full-time. They open dozens of cases every year including identity theft, cyber scams and the manufacturing and distribution of child pornography.

Computer Evidence Recovery is one of the TSU's specialties, allowing investigators to solve cases on everything from internet crime to murder. The Special Agents assigned to digital forensics are responsible for preserving and analyzing digital evidence seized from computer systems and mobile devices during investigations. They also perform enhancements of audio and video files. Hundreds of pieces of evidence are analyzed each year for not only TBI cases, but also other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

TSU personnel continue to work to help define their own mission by pursuing any avenues where advanced electronic and information technologies can be leveraged to make law enforcement’s investigative performance more effective, efficient, and responsible throughout Tennessee.